SIPTU members at Tara Mines, Co. Meath, have voted to accept proposals aimed at bringing to a conclusion the long running dispute at the company. Among the key clauses contained in the proposed agreement is a commitment by the owners of Tara Mines, multinational Boliden, to provide future capital investment of €110 million which is needed to maintain the mine’s operation to 2018 and beyond.The proposals also envisage the establishment of an industrial relations forum consisting of worker and management representatives. The forum will meet monthly to discuss changes in work practices arising from the agreement and will be attended on an annual basis by the Boliden President and Chief Executive Officer.SIPTU Organiser, John Regan, said: “The proposals follow a Labour Court Recommendation and the discussions of a joint forum set up between the company and the Tara Mines Group of Unions. The proposals are designed to establish a new way of working at Tara Mines with the flexibility and cooperation to increase productivity and reduce costs in order that the company achieves the current life of mine plan to 2018 and beyond."“We welcome the fact that union members, including miners, mill operators and surface workers, have all agreed to these proposals. The agreement must now be registered with the Labour Court in order to become the basis of a new working relationship at Tara Mines. Throughout the lifetime of this agreement SIPTU will ensure that management fully meets all its commitments.”