SIPTU members in Tesco have said they will not accept a management proposal to unilaterally cut the terms and conditions of long serving staff with contracts agreed prior to 1997. SIPTU Organiser, Derek Casserley, said: “Our members in Tesco have reacted with anger to the announcement by management on Tuesday (26th January) that it intends to implement unilateral cuts to the terms and conditions of long serving staff.  “SIPTU entered into an agreement with the company in 1997 on workers’ contracts. The terms and conditions of these contracts were hard fought for by workers. Members have expressed their intention to fight to protect  their contracts and they will not accept any management ultimatums.”  He added: “This weekend union representatives will be meeting with the SIPTU Tesco negotiating committee. At this meeting we will discuss how our members wish us to react to this attempt to cut terms and conditions at the company. SIPTU representatives will then meet with Tesco management early next week.”