SIPTU members in the Public Service will receive a pay increase from 1st January, 2020, as part of the Public Service Agreement 2018-2020 which places a particular emphasis on raising the wages of lower paid workers. SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, John King, said : “Low paid public service workers who earn up to €32,000 per year will receive a basic pay increase of 0.5% with effect from 1st January 2020. “This is in addition to the 1.75% paid with effect from 1st September 2019 and will be boosted by a further 2% due on 1st October 2020. “In addition, the income of public service workers will be further increased on 1st January 2020 with a raising of the threshold on the Additional Superannuation Charge to €34,500 giving an increase of approximately €250 per annum. These measures were agreed as part of the provisions of the Public Service Agreement 2018-2020.” He added: “In negotiations for the current Public Service Agreement, SIPTU representatives prioritised the need for pay increases for lower paid public service workers. It is essential that these staff, who form the backbone of our public services in areas including health and the local authorities, receive the recognition they deserve with pay increases which will allow them to better provide for themselves and their families. “SIPTU remains committed to increasing the standard of living of these workers in any future Public Service Agreements.”