SIPTU members employed at the Nuremore Hotel in Carrickmacross, county Monaghan, who have been placed on lay off since the 1st January, are demanding the payment of their outstanding wages and clarification on the future of their workplace. SIPTU Organiser, Claire O’Connor, said: “SIPTU members employed in the hotel held a general meeting on Wednesday, 25th January. At this meeting the workers expressed their anger with their employer over outstanding wages, which includes holiday pay, due to them. “The workers received written notice of a 12 week period of layoff prior to Christmas. Management is claiming that this is to allow for the refurbishment of the hotel. However, after more than three weeks there is little sign of any work taking place.”  Nuremore Hotel worker, Andrew Brady, said: “It is just not possible for many of my colleagues to survive on a social welfare payment of €220 per week and pay their normal day to day bills, as they are expected to during this period of layoff.” SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan, said: “The frustration and anger of our members is building daily. While they are laid off, the managers of the hotel are continuing to work.”  He added: “This situation, along with the lack of communications or updates concerning the refurbishment work, and prior to this no contact for several months before the layoffs from the owners of the hotel, has caused our members great distress. The owners must engage with our members immediately on the payment of their outstanding wages, as well as the future of the hotel and their employment.”