SIPTU members are staging a protest today (Monday, 26th August) outside the Chief State Solicitor’s Office, Osmond House, Little Ship Street, Dublin 8, where they were until recently employed as security officers. The workers are protesting to highlight the failure of TOP Security, which recently won the contract to provide security for the site from another security provider, to honour its obligations under transfer of undertakings guidelines (TUPE). Under the TUPE guidelines existing staff should continue in employment with the new operator. SIPTU Organiser Peadar Nolan said: “This is an unacceptable situation where security officers who have given loyal and professional service keeping the Chief State Solicitor’s Offices and its staff safe, find themselves being displaced by others probably on much lower wages.  In this instance the security officers have been essentially locked out from their job and displaced by other security officers with no redundancy paid. This is contrary to the norms established under transfer of undertakings regulations. “SIPTU fully supports the workers protest and we call on the Chief State Solicitor's Office, as the client,  to accept its responsibility to intervene and insist that TOP Security honour the its transfer of service obligations and reinstate these workers.”