SIPTU representatives have written to local and regional HSE management requesting that it reverses its decision not to fill vacant nursing posts in two community units in County Meath. St Joseph's Hospital in Trim and Beaufort House in Navan have a total of 8.14 whole-time equivalent (WTE) vacant nursing posts, including a clinical nurse manager.  There are also a small number of healthcare assistant posts which are vacant. Staff representatives were informed by management today that the nursing posts will not be filled and will, in effect, be lost. SIPTU  members have also requested HSE management to carry out a risk assessment due to the number of vacant posts in both units. SIPTU Organiser, John McCamley, said: “SIPTU members are at breaking point because of the staff shortages. It is incredible that this decision not to fill the nursing vacancies was taken unilaterally by management without any consultation or without a proper strategy to deal with the staffing gaps. The decision also seems to be one of a cost rather than patient-centred approach. We call on management to reverse this decision as soon as possible and to put in emergency measures until the posts can be filled.”