SIPTU members at Wilker Auto Conversions in Clara Co. Offlay, have expressed their shock and concern at the announcement of a three week shut-down of the production plant in Clara, county Offaly. The shut-down, from Friday, 12th February until Monday 8th March, will affect 80 workers at the plant which converts vehicles into ambulances for the HSE and other clients. The company confirmed this morning that the planned shut-down is due to Brexit related problems in its supply chain from the UK which has resulted in shortages of key components. SIPTU Organiser, Derek Casserly said: “We are seeking an urgent meeting with management to discuss in detail the reason for this decision which has caused shock and concern among workers and the wider community in county Offaly. Wilker Auto Conversions is one of the largest employers in Clara. “We are calling on the company to ensure our members do not suffer any unnecessary financial loss because of this shut-down and that every effort is made to eliminate supply chain difficulties in the future. Our members had previously been advised that the company was “Brexit ready” and that it did not anticipate any difficulties in its supply chain.”