A seminar to commemorate the Irish Trade Union Congress and Labour Party Annual General Meeting of 1916 will take place in the City Hall, Sligo, County Sligo, on Thursday, 4th August, from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. The event has been jointly organised by the SIPTU Sligo/Leitrim/Roscommon District Council and the SIPTU Electronic, Engineering and Industrial Production Sector Committee. Among those addressing the seminar are historians Brian Scanlon and Padraig Yeates who will discuss the importance to the labour movement of the meetings in Sligo in 1916. SIPTU Researcher, Tish Gibbons, will address the seminar on the ‘Relevance of the lessons learned in 1916 to the present day’. The event will be followed by a social event in the Harp Tavern, Quay Street, Sligo. SIPTU Sector Organiser, John McCarrick, said: “Sligo was very important to the labour movement in Ireland during this period. It was a major centre of activism and that is why these meetings were held in the town in 1916, which was of course a year of major political change.” He added: “It is important that we discuss the importance of historic events within the labour movement during this period as they still have relevance for us today. Members of the public are very welcome to attend this event and learn about the important debates that happened in Sligo during this crucial period in Irish history.”