The National Executive Council (NEC) of SIPTU will convene on Thursday (23rd May) to consider the proposals which have emerged from discussions on pay and reform in the public service at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) today. The proposals involve an advance on the LRC proposals rejected by SIPTU members in the public service earlier this year and include, among other changes: Over-Time:1.  Current arrangements for double time payments are maintained. 2.  For those working 39 hours per week an hour of overtime each week will be unpaid but this arrangement will cease on 31st March 2014. Rosters:1.  For existing SIPTU grades which have a liability to be rostered for duty from 8.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m. the current arrangements will continue. Intern Scheme for Health Support Staff:1. An intern scheme will be established with places of two years duration.2. Under the scheme 1000 intern places will be provided for Health Care Assistants, Multi-Task Attendants and Support Grades.3. Interns recruited under the scheme will be utilised towards reducing the expenditure on overtime and agency costs in the health sector.Nursing:1. A two year Graduate Nurse Programme will be introduced. 2. A joint site based review is currently taking place to assess the potential for the transfer of four specified tasks from NCHDs to nurses/midwives. 3. The Senior Staff Nurse grade will be restored. 4. The HSE will issue a circular setting out that concession days should be re-structured in a standard way across the system.Education:1. There will be a reduction in the proposed increase in working hours for administration and library staff in the university sector from five hours to two hours and fifteen minutes. 2. An Expert Group will be established to address the issue of casualisation of academic staff at third level.