SIPTU nurses and midwives are organising lunchtime protests at hospitals across the country on Monday, 2nd March, to highlight the attempt by the Nurses and Midwives Board of Ireland (NMBI) to increase its retention fee by 50%. SIPTU Nursing Sector Organiser, Kevin Figgis, said: “Nurses and midwives in Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe, county Galway, initially decided to hold a lunchtime protest on 2nd March. This is the day before the forthcoming special NMBI board meeting, which has been called to consider a proposal  to amend the fee. “We would now encourage other workplaces to organise, locally, similar protests on that day. Members should liaise with their local organiser so that they can be advised of the specifics of their local protest.”He added: “These protests will again demonstrate the strong support for the campaign and for the need for the NMBI board to reverse their decision and restore the €100 fee.” To read NMBI latest newsflash – NMBI News No. 28