SIPTU representatives have expressed opposition to the proposed introduction of a concrete block levy saying that it will negatively impact on construction sector jobs in Ireland. SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan, said: “Since the announcement of a concrete block levy in the Budget we have seen a high level of concern from concrete precast and manufacturing companies regarding its likely impact.  “The 10% levy will affect the competitiveness of firms tendering for projects compared to those based outside of the State who will not have to factor this cost into their applications. This could ultimately affect employment numbers in these companies. The levy will also have an affect beyond the making of blocks, adding costs to other concrete products and concrete pouring.”  He added: “This proposed levy is in addition to other increased costs in the construction industry which will eventually be passed on to consumers. It will have a knock-on effect on construction projects, ultimately making an already severe housing crisis worse.” SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, Gerry McCormack, said: “We are calling on the Government to pull back from introducing this proposed 10% levy. It will only add to costs in an already overpriced housing market and have an upward effect on inflation.  “The timing of the proposed introduction of such a levy could not be more mistaken. The economy needs an injection of public spending not the Government adding costs to the operation of essential industries.”