SIPTU members in Bus Éireann will not allow terms and conditions of workers in the Expressway arm of the company to be eroded in order to make up for a financial shortfall created by underfunding by the State in the essential intercity transport service. SIPTU Transport, Energy, Aviation and Construction Division (TEAC) Organiser, Greg Ennis, said: “SIPTU members in the Expressway arm of Bus Éireann will not have their terms and conditions of employment sacrificed, so as to subsidise the abysmal failure of the State to provide the requisite investment for an essential national public intercity bus service. “We are calling on the management of Bus Éireann to immediately release its proposed ‘plan’ for changes in the company to their workers’ trade unions rather than continue to drip feed it into the media. “In the meantime, SIPTU representatives will consult with our members in Bus Éireann Expressway, with a view to formulating a considered and firm response to the reported proposals by the company to erode workers’ terms and conditions of employment. “This response will deal with the manner in which this very serious matter has been handled by management, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and the National Transport Authority. It will also respond to the reported proposed changes which would serve to erode our members’ terms and conditions of employment, for the benefit of others”. He added: “SIPTU members are confident that throughout the country, elected public representatives and local communities will support our their position that we must maintain a sustainable public intercity Bus Éireann Expressway Service, which treats its employees and customers with respect”.