SIPTU representatives joined with trade unions across Europe today (Tuesday, 23rd June) to celebrate the contribution of public service workers on United Nations Public Service Day. SIPTU Deputy General Secretary for the Public Service, John King, said: “At times of crisis, we begin to truly value our public services. It is during a crisis such as the current Covid-19 health emergency that we recognise and rely on the workers who deliver these services. In other times, workers who provide health, education, transport and other essential public services are often undervalued and underpaid. “United Nations Public Service Day is a timely reminder that the true value of public services cannot be found in some financial bottom-line at the end of a spreadsheet. It is in a country’s capacity to provide for the health, security and well-being, physical and financial, of all its people especially in times of need, through well-funded social protection schemes and investment in public services.”