SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor, has called on the Government to implement a major economic stimulus package in order to increase job creation and develop the domestic economy. Speaking on RTE Radio One on Saturday (19th April), O’Connor, said: “There is a possibility opening up to pursue a different approach to economic development for 2015 into 2016, if we were to bring into play the strategic investment fund in way that would play into the economy positively.”He said that approximately €6.8 billion was available that could be “used to leverage more money for strategically important commercial based propositions”.Following “ five years plus of wage stagnation” he added that there was now a need for wage increases for workers in order “to increase the amount of money people have at their disposal to spend and to increase confidence in the economy.”During his appearance on Saturday with Claire Byrne, O’Connor also called for major investment in housing in order to fittingly commemorate the ideals of the leaders of the 1916 Rising and deal with the growing homelessness crisis.To listen to the show and Jack O’Connor’s full contribution click here