SIPTU has condemned the decision of the US Government to renew its sanctions on Cuba and has called on the Irish Government to do all it can to mediate between the two sovereign States. SIPTU General President, Jack O'Connor, said: “It is deeply regrettable that President Donald Trump has decided to reverse the moves to improve relations between Cuba and the United States which were begun by his predecessor Barack Obama. “This renewal of restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba by the United States goes directly against the stated position of the overwhelming majority of states across the globe. The vast majority of countries have repeatedly backed calls at the United Nations for the United States to end its illegal blockade of Cuba and desist from its attempts to undermine the right of the Cuban people to make their own decisions about the development of their State.” He added: “The Irish Government should seek to act as a mediator between these two sovereign states, which both have embassies in Ireland, so they can try to plot a course forward of mutual respect over the coming months and years. “In particular, we are calling for the Irish Government to instruct Irish banks to cooperate with those of us who seek to transfer funds to Cuba legitimately for education, health, and community projects.”