SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor, has offered his union’s condolences to the families and communities of those killed in the series of terrorist attacks in Paris last night (Friday, 13th November). “On behalf of our union I express my deepest condolences and solidarity to all those affected by the tragic events in Paris last night. The deaths of so many in such barbaric circumstances marks a level of depravity the people of France have not faced in generations.” He added: “Even as we absorb the scale of the violence we must also be vigilant. We cannot allow these attacks to be exploited by the xenophobic right to create the circumstances for accelerating the cycle of violence and division. To allow that is to afford those who perpetrated them a degree of success. “Key to bringing an end to these horrors is not more violence. We must instead react with solidarity and increase the vigour in which we search for just solutions to our shared social and global problems. Even in these dark hours, we must remain committed to the true path to defeating terror, that is building societies which are based on mutual respect and understanding of all cultures and traditions.”