SIPTU members in Irish Rail have rejected a claim by management that they are responsible for the cancellation of a proposed 10-minute DART service when the reality is there are currently not enough drivers or train units to operate it. SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “In media comments today (Wednesday, 30th March) the management of Irish Rail has claimed that trade union members are responsible for the company’s failure to introduce a 10-mintue DART service in April as it had previously announced. “This assertion is without any basis in fact. In reality, the introduction of a 10-minute DART service is an integral part of discussions between the company and trade unions concerning productivity. To run such a service requires at least an additional 20 drivers and these workers will not be in place until June. “There are also currently not enough train units to operate a 10-minute DART service in a manner which will actually increase operational capacity. What management had proposed was a more frequent service but with less capacity per train.” He added: “In talks at the Workplace Rights Commission the company has not made any positive response in relation to the measures necessary to implement an increased DART service. “It has also been made clear by our members that no extra duties will be taken on until progress has been made in relation to productivity issues and an outstanding pay claim.”