SIPTU representatives at Aer Lingus have called on the company to continue with current pay arrangements following a statement by the company that it will unilaterally cut pay and working hours after 21st June. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Neil McGowan said: “The management of Aer Lingus has informed union representatives that the current pay arrangements for staff will continue until 21st June. However, it said that, after this date, it intends to unilaterally make further reductions in working hours and pay, including lay-offs in some sections. For the last number of months, our members in Aer Lingus have been working 50% of normal hours and the airline has been availing of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme.” “While we fully accept that the airline is deeply affected by the Covid-19 crisis and the consequent downturn in aviation, it is vital that the company which has consistently made record breaking profits for a number of years prior, continues to supports its workers. It is extremely disappointing that Aer Lingus has decided to take unilateral action and we will continue to insist that the current pay arrangements are continued beyond June 21st and for the duration of the crisis.” “SIPTU representatives will continue to protect the livelihoods of our members, seek to maintain employment and, to the greatest possible extent, their earnings at the airline. We will be consulting with the elected union representatives over the coming days.” “We are also calling on the Government to extend the wage subsidy for aviation workers for the duration of the current crisis in the industry. The subsidy has played a significant role in maintaining employment and it will be required for a longer period in aviation given the global impact of the Covid-19 virus on air travel