SIPTU representatives have today (Tuesday, 8th May) called on the Government to intervene in a dispute involving up to fifty Section 39 organisations in order to avert strike action by workers. SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, said: “Our members have given the employer the space to complete an audit of fifty selected Section 39 organisations. They are currently waiting for the Health Service Executive to publish the results of this audit. However, nothing has been done by the employer’s side in this dispute which would give our members any confidence that conflict and industrial unrest in the form of a national strike in this sector is anything other than imminent. “Furthermore, should SIPTU members be forced to reactivate their strike notice, which was deferred in February at the request of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) , they are confident that their colleagues in other unions will join them in this struggle and commit to strike action in a number of selected employments.” Bell said that the WRC has sought to facilitate an engagement between the parties in the dispute. He added: “SIPTU will play its role in any process which is aimed at delivering a meaningful outcome. However, the solution to this pay injustice scandal rests ultimately with the Government and the Section 39 organisations.”