SIPTU members have rescheduled the start date for industrial action in the National Ambulance Service control centre in Tallaght, Dublin 24, to Monday, 20th June, in order to allow time for negotiations and the finalisation of contingency plans. SIPTU Organiser, John McCamley, said: “The dispute at the National Ambulance Service control centre involves the non-implementation of a number of agreements arrived at following negotiations at the Workplace Relations Commission regarding staffing levels, the filling of permanent vacancies, payment of correct pay rates and retention of emergency call takers. “SIPTU members met with management last week and called on them to deliver on these agreements. The workers have gone through a long and arduous engagement process to try to resolve this dispute but are willing to re-engage with management if senior decision-makers are involved in the process.  Our members see this as crucial as commitments given by management to date have not been honoured on several occasions.” He added: “If management does not engage in serious negotiations, SIPTU members will implement a work-to-rule beginning on Monday, 20th June. This action will affect non-emergency duties carried out by staff within the control centre.”