SIPTU Fire Fighters across the country have voted by an overwhelming majority of 82% to 18% to reject the Labour Court recommendation which was proposed as ‘an interim solution’ to their dispute last week. SIPTU Divisional Organiser, Karan O Loughlin said: SIPTU Divisional Organiser said: “Our members clearly believe that the recommendation does not go far enough in creating the first step to rebuild the retained fire service.  “Stations all over the country are short staffed with dangerously low levels of crewing on call out. The increases in the modest retainer given to these essential workers may look like something on a percentage basis but, in reality, they are a high percentage of a small amount and will do nothing to attract the numbers of fire fighters that are required to address the issues.  “The proposals to address the retention problem are also inadequate as people are retiring on a mandatory basis or just leaving because the job is traumatic and stressful and not worth it because of the high levels of commitment and availability that are required. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that most of the income earned is precarious and not guaranteed. “Given that the pending strike was suspended to allow for the Labour Court intervention, this suspension will now be lifted and the strike will commence at every fire station across the country from Wednesday, 26th July.”