The SIPTU National Retained Firefighter Committee has expressed major disappointment at the terms of a Labour Court recommendation in relation to their dispute concerning staff and other issues in the service, following a meeting today (Tuesday, 11thJuly). SIPTU Public Administration and Community Division Organiser, Karan O Loughlin, said: “Our members in the retained fire service believe the content of the Labour Court recommendation in relation to the many issues in the service is a major disappointment. “While there are some small adjustments made to the previous position of the employers, there was just not enough political will to inject the resources necessary to resolve the current impasse and create the environment for re-engagement on the broader issues in this dispute. While the headline figures that describe the percentage rises in relation to pay look meaningful, in fact they are large percentages of a small annual retainer.”  She added: “There is nothing in the recommendation to deal with the precarious nature of the firefighters’ earnings with the retainer, drill and training still the only guaranteed pay. SIPTU retained firefighters will ballot on this document in the coming days, with a recommendation for its rejection from their National Committee. Accordingly, we anticipate that the document will be overwhelmingly rejected and that there will be a return to strike action.”