SIPTU representatives have said that the measures for funding further and higher education announced in Budget 2021 yesterday (Tuesday, 13th October), deal with short term issues related to the Covid-19 crisis but not the long-term funding of the sector. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Karl Byrne, said: “The SIPTU Education Sector notes the extra funding contained in the Budget for further and higher education deals with some of the short term requirements arising from the Covid-19 crisis. These include an increase in SUSI grants for postgraduate students and funds to pay for the extra college places that have had to be created over the summer due to increased demand. “However, this increase in monies is only papering of the cracks which result from the lack of a long-term sustainable funding model for the Sector. While the Budget increases further and higher education funding from €1.74 billion to €1.93 billion it does not deal with the need to create a long-term funding model for the sector.” He added: “Until this issue is resolved many academics, researchers and postgraduate students will continue to have to contend with precarious employment contracts while students will still face the highest fees in the European Union.”