SIPTU representatives will today (Tuesday, 21st February) enter a third day of talks at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) aimed at resolving the dispute at Bus Éireann and averting an all-out strike action by workers at the public transport company. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Willie Noone, said: “The talks are now at a critical stage but we believe that the company has come around to our position, that its workers and the public will not accept a low wage, low service model for public transport. “Our members play an invaluable role serving rural communities. The public transport services currently provided by Bus Éireann must continue and if workers are required to make efficiencies and changes, then they must be duly rewarded for it.” Noone added: “The company must be honourable and respect the State’s industrial relations institutions and this means implementing an outstanding Labour Court recommendation on drivers pay in full. If this is done progress can be made in these talks but only on the basis that our members do not have to endure a deterioration in their pay, or terms and conditions of employment.”