SIPTU has called for the focus to be maintained on women’s artistic achievements rather than be simply reduced to commenting on how they appear in media coverage of awards ceremonies and other artistic events. SIPTU Campaigns and Equality Organiser, Karan O Loughlin, said: “It is increasingly the case that the focus on women artists’ involvement in awards ceremonies is being reduced to merely a simple appraisal of how they are dressed rather than the achievements they are there to celebrate. “This is an approach which is obvious in such awards ceremonies internationally. Unfortunately, in an Irish context, it has been to the fore in media coverage of the Irish Film and Television Academy awards ceremony which took place in Dublin on Saturday (8th April). “Merely focusing on what is worn to these events feeds into a wider unacceptable culture of objectification which is also increasing the simplistic and diminishing way in which women are being portrayed on screen.” She added: “These women make serious contributions in their field and that should be the focus of news reports on awards ceremonies. A similar approach is not taken to what men wear to these events, perhaps this is because their work is considered to be too important to be overshadowed by fashion. The media needs to wake up to the real value of women in the film and TV industry.”