SIPTU has highlighted the findings of a new report on non-profit companies indicating that those employed in them, on average, have lower wages than staff elsewhere in the economy, as underlining the need for pay restoration for workers in that sector. SIPTU Public Administration and Community Division Organiser, John King, said: “The report by Benefacts, the new database of civil society organisations in Ireland, found that the non-profit sector employs almost 150,000 people and turns over nearly €11 billion annually. It also found that just 1% of staff in the sector, receive more than €70,000 in annual remuneration. That compares to nearly 13% in the workforce at large. “Most workers in the non-profit sector, which includes the whole of the community sector, actually earn low wages despite the importance of the work they carry out. Those employed in the Community Sector provide crucial support to many people including people with disabilities, older people, young people and vulnerable families.” “Since 2008, community sector workers have faced cuts in their earnings and major changes to their conditions of employment due to funding decreases and increasing attempts to privatise services. These workers are long overdue a significant pay rise. Such a pay rise will not only benefit the workers and their families but also the local communities where they spend their earnings. “Through its ‘Rebuilding our Communities’ campaign, SIPTU activists are calling on government and state agencies to provide resources to enable employer organisations in the community sector to respect the workers’ and give them the pay rise they deserve.”