SIPTU has called on TDs to vote against the sale of the State’s shareholding in Aer Lingus to allow time for the full consideration of an internal Aer Lingus report which has revealed major job losses are envisaged in the event of an IAG takeover. SIPTU Construction and Utilities Division Organiser, Owen Reidy, said: “In the Dáil today opposition TDs disclosed the existence of an internal Aer Lingus report outlining the possibility of major job losses at the company. This document, referred to as the ‘Nyras report’, is said to reveal plans by the company to implement cost cuts of 20% in ground handling, 40% for catering and 25% on maintenance in the event of an IAG takeover.“This revelation would seem to confirm the worst fears of Aer Lingus staff that a takeover by IAG will mean major job losses at the company.”He added: “SIPTU members oppose the Government’s plan to sell-off its 25.1% of shares in Aer Lingus due to the failure of the company to provide commitments to workers that it will not impose compulsory redundancies or the outsourcing of jobs. It is clear from the reported contents of the ‘Nyras report’ that such guarantees must be delivered prior to any sale of the State’s stake in the company.“Our members are appealing to all TDs to recognise that the guarantees they want are not part of the current proposals and show courage by voting against this scheme. If they vote for the sale of the State’s remaining stake in Aer Lingus the decision cannot be reversed. To make such a decision without a full consideration of the all the facts would be foolhardy in the extreme and indicate a complete disregard for the future livelihoods of Aer Lingus workers and their families.”