The SIPTU Workers’ Rights Centre has secured a €10,000 award at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) under the Organisation of Working Time Act in a case where a member, employed by the Independent College Dublin (ICD), was found to, in effect, be funding her own annual leave. The adjudicator in the case found that the ICD operated a practice of withholding 8 per cent of the pay of lecturer, Sharon Roche Morrissey, and returned this while she availed of annual leave. This practice was described as “bizarre” and “unlawful” and it was stated that it should “cease immediately”.  SIPTU Workers Rights Centre Advocate, Rachel Hartery, said: “This case was in relation to our member funding her own annual leave. The issue was raised internally as part of a formal grievance process. ICD did not accept it was in breach of any legislation, despite only recently commencing paying staff for public holidays, and insisted the calculation of annual leave was correct. We did not agree. The WRC adjudicator upheld our case and awarded  €10,000 in compensation and ordered ICD to comply with the Organisation of Working Time Act.”   The SIPTU member involved in the case is a mediator by profession and a lecturer in conflict management.  She said: “As a member of SIPTU, I was supported and represented through each stage of the grievance process, including meetings with the employer. Unfortunately, there was no breakthrough during these meetings and the case was referred to the WRC. Again, I was supported through the process by my union, which provided legally sound advice throughout.”  Morrisey added: “I am delighted by the outcome and could not be more satisfied with the guidance, support and representation I received from the SIPTU Workers Rights Centre.”