SIPTU has negotiated an agreement with Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore (MRHT) to curb the privatisation of cleaning services in the hospital. SIPTU Health Organiser John Hubbard said: “Arising from protracted negotiations an agreement was reached between MRHT management and SIPTU to hire 24 contract cleaners as direct HSE employees within the service. The process has been on-going for some time but the commitment by management to in-source these jobs brings an end to private contractors operating within support grades in MRHT and provides security and decent jobs for workers. “Due to the recruitment moratorium a number of vital positions were not filled but it soon became apparent that the clear goal of management was to outsource these positions to private contractors.Management was in the process of agreeing a service level agreement with a contractor before we intervened on behalf of our members working in the support grades in the hospital. Our members are happy with this result as it provides better jobs for workers and better health care for public hospital patients."