SIPTU Shop Stewards in CIE will meet on Tuesday (14th May) morning in Liberty Hall, Dublin, to discuss what action the union will take in response to the escalating dispute at Bus Éireann. SIPTU has also requested that the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) convenes an urgent meeting on Tuesday (14th May) of all the ICTU affiliated unions in CIE.SIPTU Sector Organiser, Willie Noone, said: “SIPTU members in Bus Éireann have not reported for work since the company imposed unilateral changes to their pay and conditions of employment on Sunday (9th May).“It is our strong belief that the outcome of the SIPTU ballot in Bus Éireann will be one of overwhelming support for strike action when it is counted in Liberty Hall on Thursday (16th May). Members’ refusal to report to work will then become an official strike action.”He added: “SIPTU is convening a meeting of Shop Stewards from all the three companies in the CIE group because it is our belief that Dublin Bus and Irish Rail are planning similar cuts to workers pay and conditions of employment as management in Bus Eireann are currently attempting to force through.”“In light of this there is great concern about the potential of a very serious escalation of this dispute, whether by official or unofficial means, if intervention initiatives are not forthcoming immediately.”The dispute at Bus Éireann concerns attempts by management to reduce workers core pay, shift pay and allowances, while also reducing their overtime rates and holiday entitlements. Workers have also expressed concern over medium term plans by management to cut sick pay. All these changes are being forced through on lower paid staff members while no similar reduction is envisaged for management grades.SIPTU members are currently maintaining school bus services and these will not be directly impacted by any strike action.