SIPTU members have stated that a proposal received from the management of Aer Lingus, today (Monday, 30th March), in relation to the guaranteeing of workers’ terms and conditions of employment in the event of a take over by IAG, does not adequately deal with their concerns. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Owen Reidy, said: “Today, the union received a response from Aer Lingus Chief Executive Stephen Kavanagh, to our request that the company enter into a legally binding agreement that would protect workers conditions of employment and jobs in the event of an IAG take over of the airline.“Unfortunately, although the response does indicate some movement by management, overall it is too vague and conditional to form a sound basis for discussions on the issues of concern.”He added: “Our members in Aer Lingus are seeking the protection of a Registered Employment Agreement, or a similar legally binding commitment, in relation to their terms and conditions of employment. The response from management in relation to this request does not go far enough and in key respects is ambiguous.“The SIPTU position is that unless the company can provide robust guarantees in relation to the areas of concern to our members the Government should not even consider selling its share in the airline. This has been the union’s position since the beginning of discussions in relation to a possible IAG takeover of Aer Lingus and will remain its position.”