SIPTU members at the Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork (UCC), who are engaged in strike action today (Wednesday, 13th May), have called on the UCC President, Michael Murphy, to intervene in their dispute over pay inequality. SIPTU Organiser, Bill Mulcahy, said: “This industrial action results from a failure of management to resolve a long running dispute relating to the pay inequality between many of these workers and their colleagues doing similar work elsewhere on the UCC campus. The difference in pay is on average around 20%.” He added: “Today’s work stoppage follows a similar action earlier this month. In an escalation of the dispute workers intended to place pickets on the main UCC campus. However, the management of the university took a case to the High Court in an attempt to prevent this  picketing and was granted an injunction. This move is seen by staff as a major attack by management on the Tyndall workers who have been battling for five years against their unequal treatment. "Our members are appalled at the decision by management to use the legal route against university staff who are simply seeking fair and equal treatment. If the dispute is not resolved, it is now inevitable that the SIPTU members in Tyndall will seek the support of their 800 colleagues on the main UCC campus through a ballot for industrial action.”