SIPTU has stated its support for Minister of State at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Ged Nash, in his criticism of the ‘boycott’ by employers in the hotel sector of the JLC process. SIPTU Services Division Organiser, John King, said: “SIPTU strongly supports the criticism served up in a speech today by Minister Nash to hotel employers concerning their refusal to engage in the JLC process.“SIPTU has repeatedly called on the Government to act and remove the effective veto this renegade employers’ group has over a system which merely aims to ensure that workers receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. We believe this group should not be allowed to subvert government policy any longer.”He added: “The Government must take positive steps to ensure that its policy commitments to workers are delivered upon. While acknowledging the voluntaryist nature of the JLC system, SIPTU believes that in light of the Irish Hotel Federation’s attempt to subvert Government policy a way must be found to guide the Labour Court in dealing with this matter.”“It is just unacceptable that employers who are benefitting from a reduced VAT rate for their industry and hundreds of millions of taxpayers money spent on promoting it, can then cherry pick what other aspects of Government policy they wish to adhere to.“This situation needs to be tackled now, otherwise the Government’s entire strategy on protecting low paid workers is fatally undermined.” See the most recent relevant statistics for the Hotel and Fast Food sectors here