An extensive survey of academic staff in Dublin City University (DCU), conducted by SIPTU, has found widespread concerns over increasing workloads and stress associated with the growing use of short term contracts. SIPTU Education Sector Organiser, Louise O’Reilly, said: “It is very significant that out of 470 academic staff at DCU and a further 130 at the recently incorporated St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, the SIPTU researchers obtained over 400 responses. This indicates the considerable concerns about workload issues and relations with management. “What has emerged from the responses to this survey is that DCU academics work extremely long hours, do not feel consulted about change, are sometimes subject to bullying and harassment, feel overburdened by administrative tasks and find their jobs overwhelmingly stressful.” SIPTU DCU Section Committee chairperson, Ronaldo Munck, said: “The survey worryingly found that, for most respondents, heavy workloads are becoming extremely stressful and, for many, make them feel constantly under pressure.  “Many also expressed concern over the lack of transparency in promotion criteria and procedures. The general sentiment is that the entire process is unfair and based on favouritism and nepotism. Women and employees with a disability felt particularly discriminated against when attempting to apply for a promotion.” He added: “Those who work part-time and those who are employed on temporary contracts are treated worse than permanent staff. They suffer from high levels of uncertainty in relation to their job status which has a deep impact on their lives and means they have no control over their careers and find themselves unable to plan ahead.” The survey was conducted during October 2015. The full survey results are available to view here: DCU staff survey