SIPTU has suspended two planned work stoppages by members in Irish Rail following an agreement between union and company representatives at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) last night (Tuesday, 2nd September). A 48-hour work stoppage was scheduled to take place on Sunday, 7th September, and a 24-hour work stoppage on Sunday, 21st September, in response to an attempt by the company to enforce a unilateral cut to workers’ wages.SIPTU Utilities and Construction Division Organiser, Owen Reidy, said: “We believe that the LRC proposals constitute a road map to settling this dispute and create the conditions for all sides to take a look at the long term financial situation of the rail service”.He added: “It must be ensured that workers voices are heard at the table when decisions concerning the development of the rail service are made”.The SIPTU Irish Rail Council is meeting this afternoon (Wednesday, 3rd September) to consider the LRC proposals and a ballot of members on their acceptance or rejection.