SIPTU members at the union’s Public Administration and Community Division biennial conference voted to launch a campaign demanding the regulation of outsourcing in the Public Sector due to the negative impact is has on the delivery of services to the public. At the conference, which concluded today (Friday, 11th November) in Liberty Hall, Dublin, members heard that the implementation of the Public Sector recruitment moratorium in 2010 had created a situation, in particular within state agencies, where more services had been outsourced to the private sector. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Jane Boushell, said: “Under pressure from the recruitment moratorium and increased performance demands, management looked to outsourcing as a short term solution. Consultation with trade unions focused on insufficient staffing levels, leaving members with little option but to compromise and accept a level of outsourcing. “Despite the lifting of the moratorium, outsourcing is continuing. As well as compromising service delivery it has the effect of denying workers the opportunity to advance their careers and results in a depletion of skills within public service organisations.” She added: “This situation is unacceptable and unsustainable. SIPTU members have decided that they will now campaign for the regulation of the levels of outsourcing being implemented within the Public Sector.”