SIPTU representatives will focus on pay justice for lower paid public servants in a talks process with Government, under the auspices of the Public Service Stability Agreement, which began today (Friday, 27th April) with a meeting in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in Dublin. SIPTU Public Administration and Community Division Organiser, Adrian Kane, said: “Following initial discussions today the two sides have agreed to a further meeting on the issue of pay for public servants in June. The period before that meeting will be used by both sides to establish the full extent of the issues which are to be discussed. “It is imperative that the two speed pay scale issue in the public service is resolved in a timely manner. Public servants took a massive hit in their pay during the financial crisis. This was largely done without agreement through the introduction of the draconian FEMPI legislation.” He added: “Due to the improving economy, the fiscal space available to the Government is significantly larger than that which was envisaged when the parties signed up to the Public Service Stability Agreement last year. The additional money available needs to be targeted at assisting the lowest paid public servants by the elimination of the two additional entry points to the service.” SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, said: “The data provided by Government today certainly gives us food for thought. Government officials confirmed that over 25,000 health workers have been employed in the health service since 2011. Almost 8,000 are SIPTU members working in support grades. It is now necessary to urgently proceed to analysing the incremental points of each new entrant since 2011. “We believe that today’s engagement with the Government confirms that a positive environment exists and that with the right political will, a just and satisfactory outcome for all parties to the talks process can be achieved.”