SIPTU members from across the country will attend a rally in Westport, County Mayo, on Saturday, 4th March, to show their support for workers who have been on strike at the garage since early February. The strike action results from a dispute concerning the non-payment of redundancy entitlements and a refusal by management to respect a Labour Court recommendation.  SIPTU Sector Organiser, Teresa Hannick, said: “Our members have been on strike at Tim Hastings Volkswagen since 3rd February. They have received massive support from the local community and SIPTU members across the country. On 4th March, SIPTU members from across the West of Ireland and beyond will assemble at the NCT Centre at Monamore in Westport at 1.00 p.m. From there they will march to the Octagon in Westport where a rally will be held. “We are also asking the local community to come out on that day to show their support for the striking workers. The SIPTU members and their supporters will be united in the demand that the management of Tim Hastings Volkswagen agree to implement the full terms of a Labour Court recommendation concerning three employees who were made redundant last year. These workers have received no redundancy payments, either statutory or ex-gratia.” SIPTU Organiser, Ashling Dunne, said: “Our members are resolute in their determination to see justice win out in this dispute. The rally on 4th March will be addressed by representatives of the striking workers and other leading local figures as well as members of the SIPTU leadership. This is an important struggle for all workers as it concerns fundamental issues such as the right to redundancy entitlements and an employer respecting the State’s industrial relations institutions.”