SIPTU members in Clerys Department Store, O’Connell Street, Dublin, will attend an emergency meeting in Liberty Hall, Dublin, on Saturday, 13th June, morning at 11.30 a.m. to discuss what action they will take following the liquidation of the company and the loss of their jobs. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Teresa Hannick, said: “At the end of business today, staff were called into a meeting and informed that the company had gone into liquidation and the store was closing with immediate effect. Workers were understandably devastated and angered by both the news that the company was closing and the disrespectful manner in which they were treated.   “Tomorrow, the workers and their SIPTU representatives will discuss what course of action they should take in order to secure the best outcome in the face of their unacceptable treatment by their employers.”   Teresa Hannick added: “All right-thinking people will unreservedly condemn the treatment of these workers. Only a few hours after staff had learned that Clerys had been sold by Gordon Brothers Ireland to the real estate company, Natrium Ltd, they were then told the company was being liquidated.   “They have yet to meet any representatives of Gordon Brothers Ireland or Natrium Ltd. The workers only learned that their jobs were lost when a liquidator from KPMG arrived at the store at around 5.00 p.m. this evening and told them the company was closing.   “Several of our members in Clerys have never worked anywhere else. Our shop steward has worked for the company for 43 years. He was told by the liquidator with only 30 minutes notice that he had to leave the place where he had worked for over four decades, before the doors were to be padlocked shut.   “This treatment of honest hard working people marks a despicable new low in the annals of Irish business practice.”