The SIPTU ‘Fair Deal for Cleaners’ campaign will mark the 25th anniversary of International Justice Day for Cleaners and Security Officers on Monday, 15th June, with publicity events in workplaces across the country. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Orlagh Fawl, said; “For over two decades the 15th June has been celebrated by cleaners, security officers and their trade unions throughout the world. The day commemorates events in Los Angles in 1990 when police attacked striking janitors injuring many. The resulting public outrage led to the contractor agreeing to allow the workers to unionise.” She added: “The bravery and commitment of those workers continues to inspire cleaners and security guards who work in the industry today.” To mark the day, SIPTU contract cleaning and security officer activists will be holding publicity events in numerous workplaces across the country and distributing special commemorative bookmarks. Among the workplaces where events will take place are University College Dublin, Cavan General Hospital, Cork University Hospital and University Hospital Galway.  SIPTU activist and a contract cleaner at Cavan General Hospital, Teresa Thompson, said: “Cleaners and security officers contribute to our society in so many ways. However, much of our work remains invisible and undervalued but together we can change that. Contract cleaners and security officers must organise in their unions, working together and supporting each other to win respect, justice and better conditions in their workplaces and beyond.”