SIPTU has called on the Government to redouble its efforts to retain jobs at the Bausch and Lomb/Valeant manufacturing plant in Waterford following the announcement today that 200 jobs are to go at the company. Responding to the announcement, SIPTU Sector Organiser, Alan O’Leary, said: “The announcement today of 200 job cuts is very bad news for the workers in Bausch and Lomb, Waterford. This development comes at a time when retaining quality manufacturing jobs is a key priority. SIPTU is calling on the Government to redouble its efforts to protect jobs in Bausch and Lomb, the largest employer in the South East Region. “SIPTU members will be seeking a meeting with local management concerning the proposed redundancies. In line with our collective agreement the union will forensically look at the management proposal in order to reach a mutual agreement in an effort to reduce the number planned job cuts. “Each and every job saved is a household spared the considerable financial worry and concern associated with losing employment. Today the workers in Bausch and Lomb are trying to come to terms with this bad news. However, we have a period of consultation and negotiation ahead and during this period we will work with management in an effort to minimise the job losses.”