SIPTU members in Bus Éireann will commence an all-out strike action on Monday, 6th March, if management at the company carries out a series of threatened cuts which it outlined in a letter issued to staff this afternoon (Monday, 27th February). SIPTU Sector Organiser, Willie Noone, said: “Our members are amazed at the attitude displayed by this letter which completely discounts the views of the majority of elected representatives, the public and its workforce. The letter to staff outlines an intention to proceed with a series of cuts at the company on Monday next which will automatically result in strike action by workers. “The letter includes a threat to cut the three services connecting Dublin to Clonmel, Athlone and Westport.  It also states that the services between Dublin and Limerick and Dublin and Galway will be greatly reduced. “The measures concerning changes to the conditions of employment of workers are notable in that they target driver grades, in particular. In contrast, it would seem that the company does not see any role to be played by managerial grades in this cost cutting exercise. Issues such as the sub-contracting of services and the redeployment of staff, which are stated without any detail on how they will be implemented, will not be accepted.” He added: “The letter is a plan torender Bus Éireann services unrecognisable and massively curtail the public service the company currently provides. This level of cuts and the associated pay reductions already threatened have only bolstered our members resolve to resist this attack on the public services they provide. “SIPTU representatives have always been, and remain, available to discuss the introduction of efficiencies at Bus Éireann. However, what is being outlined is the destruction of the company as a public service provider and in light of this it is inconceivable that the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, will not intervene to rein in a management which is clearly acting against that the interests of the travelling public.”