SIPTU has warned the management of Irish Rail of the possibility of industrial action if it fails to deal with calls by train drivers for adequate compensation for their contribution in significantly increasing productivity at the transport company. SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “Irish Rail has stalled a discussion process which had been underway at the Labour Relations Commission. The discussions are dealing with how train drivers should be compensated for the reforms they have implemented which have increased productivity at the company.”He added: “The reform process undertaken by drivers has been underway since an agreement on cost containment at the company between management and workers in 2014. There is growing frustration among drivers about the company’s failure to even acknowledge a document sent to it by their unions over three weeks ago which sought to progress these discussions.“This growing unease among drivers may well lead to a ballot for industrial action in the near future if management does not engage in an adequate manner with their trade unions. Drivers feel they have taken on many additional responsibilities and contributed considerably to productivity without any adequate compensation.”