SIPTU has welcomed a Labour Court recommendation for increased terms for redeployment and redundancy as a result of the closure of Killiney Grove Nursing Home SIPTU Health Assistant Industrial Organiser, Aideen Carberry, said: “The recommendation is a reflection of our members determination to achieve fairness since the closure of Killiney Grove Nursing Home was announced during the summer. Our members, who previously had no experience of working in a unionised employment, have risen to the challenge and are an example of what can be achieved when workers are organised and working together for a common aim. “The company initially offered redeployment and statutory redundancy payments for those who did not wish to redeploy. A retention bonus for staff wishing to stay within the company was subsequently negotiated between the parties. However, different sums were being offered on the basis of grade. Despite SIPTU's concerns that not all members could be accommodated in other nursing homes within a reasonable distance of Killiney Grove, the company refused to offer more than statutory redundancy. “The Court has since recommended that a sizeable retention bonus should be awarded to all staff who wish to remain within the company. This is to be awarded irrespective of grade. In addition, it has been recommended that two additional weeks’ pay per year of service be awarded to members who wish to exit the company and we are currently engaging with Silver Stream Healthcare to ensure that additional redundancy payments and redeployments are processed as soon as possible. ”Killiney Grove Nursing Home is part of the Silver Stream Healthcare Group and closed at the end of November as the result of a dispute over the lease of the property between the employer and the landlord. The terms of redeployment and redundancy were the subject of a Labour Court hearing on the 26th November last.