SIPTU representatives have welcomed confirmation by the trustees of the Construction Workers Pension Scheme (CWPS) that workers isolating due to Covid-19 will have access to the scheme if a doctor confirms their isolation and the period involved. SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan, said: “The decision by the CWPS Trustees to re-instate this support for those affected by Covid-19 is a move that assists workers, their families and the wider fight against the Covid-19 virus. “Construction workers have a legally binding entitlement to sick pay if they present a GP certification. The scheme entitles workers to receive a payment of €200 per week for ten weeks in the event of illness in addition to their social welfare benefits. “All employees in the construction sector should insist their employer registers them into the CPWS scheme with immediate effect. The current contributions to receive payment from the scheme is €1.27 per week for an employer and €0.63 per week for a worker. Any worker in the construction sector who has not be enrolled in this scheme can confidentially contact the SIPTU Construction Sector (01 8588210) and we will look into their case.” He added: “This decision by the CWPS comes at a time when the rate of Covid-19 infection is on the increase. Employers who do not  provide welfare support in the form of a sick pay scheme for their employees are putting our society at greater risk from this virus. “The Government must pass legislation for mandatory sick pay schemes to be put in place for workers in all sectors. Workers who have to isolate due to Covid-19 should be paid to stay at home if we are to push back the spread of this virus.”