SIPTU has welcomed a decision by the management of RTÉ to review gender equality within the organisation as a progressive step that should be followed by other companies. SIPTU Campaigns and Equality Organiser, Karan O Loughlin, said: “The news that RTÉ is to undertake a review of gender equality across the organisation is a progressive step. The action is particularly welcome because the review is organisation-wide and will focus on all employees. “There is a temptation to have all the outrage at gender inequality focused on a small number of high profile individuals while not noticing the large number of women workers corralled into lower paying jobs. “RTÉ needs to develop a proactive strategy on this issue, not only to create equality of opportunity but to also ensure equality of outcome. RTÉ has a special responsibility as the public service broadcaster to be transparent and set an example that other broadcasters in the private sector should be encouraged to follow." She added: “Gender should never be a reason to suppress pay or opportunity and that is why we also welcome progress on the Gender Pay Gap Bill currently working its way through the Seanad. It is past time we had an open and transparent conversation about the gender pay gap in this country. “The proposed new legislation will force a lot of employers to examine this issue and to deal with it in an effective manner. Many will not like what is revealed when they undertake a review on gender and pay which will be necessitated under the proposed legislation. However, it should be looked at as as an opportunity for employers to acknowledge the injustice of the gender pay gap and to eliminate it in their own organisations.”