SIPTU representatives discussed the planned reintroduction of a job evaluation scheme by the HSE for support grade workers in the health service, which is due to commence on 1st October 2016, at a meeting in Liberty Hall on Thursday, 25th August. SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, said: “Job evaluation is a vital component of the Lansdowne Road Agreement. This meeting marks the beginning of our members’ active participation in the process of reintroducing such evaluations for support grade workers in the health service. Members across the country are being trained to assist in the completion of evaluations in their workplace and are being supported in this process by SIPTU organisers.” He added: “For the purpose of accelerating the process a number of sites and services, will be identified on a regional basis for initial evaluation. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be consulting with our members to identify groups or grades of staff to prioritise for the initial phase of the evaluation process.”