The SIPTU Young Workers’ Network has today (Tuesday 9th, March) made a submission to the Commission on Pensions which calls for the state pension age not to be increased. A survey of over 1,300 young people formed the basis of the submission; it revealed that 92% of respondents want the state pension age to remain at 66. It further showed that 46% of respondents expect the state pension to be their primary source of income in retirement and 80% believe that they will have ‘difficulty’ or ‘great difficulty’ in making ends meet when they retire when ‘don’t knows’ are excluded. SIPTU Head of Organising and Campaigns, Darragh O’Connor, said: “Young workers are already crippled with housing costs, childcare fees and precarious jobs. Our generation are paying for the mistakes of the past. The suggestion that the state pension age be increased to 67 is adding insult to injury. Rather than increase the pension age, the Government needs to address the issues that young workers face today, such as reducing rent and creating good jobs. Then we would be able to save for our retirement rather than live from pay check to pay check”.