A survey of young people between the ages of 16 to 35 has found that 94% do not wish to leave Ireland to find work. The internet survey conducted by the Young Workers’ Network found that only 6% of respondents said their preferred option was to leave Ireland. Other major concerns for young people highlighted in the survey were ‘dead end’ jobs and youth unemployment.Nearly half of the over 350 respondents (49%) said their number one concern was youth unemployment, the other major issues being ‘forced emigration’ and ‘discrimination in the workplace and society’.In the workplace respondents said young people’s major issues involved pay, 20% placing this as their most important issue from a list of 20 options, and a lack of career progression, highlighted as the primary issue by 16%.Young Workers’ Network member, Catriona Finn, said: “The survey makes a mockery of claims by some in the political establishment that many young people want to live and work abroad.“It’s clear from the results that the vast majority of young people in Ireland wish to make a career in this country but are greatly concerned about the nature of the employment that is on offer to them. When asked what concerned them most, temporary contracts, irregular working hours or lack of career progression a clear majority said the later, so-called ‘dead end’ jobs, was their main concern.”The Young Workers’ Network is a new initiative supported by SIPTU that seeks to unite young workers to campaign on issues affecting them. The Network will be formally launched at an event in the Connolly Hall, Liberty Hall Centre on Wednesday, 1st May at 5.00 p.m.SIPTU Policy Researcher, Loraine Mulligan, said; “The survey contains a number of worrying results. The impact of work and social pressures is clearly being felt by many young people with over 10% rating ‘mental health issues’ as their top concern. It is of grave concern that about 10% consider bullying and harassment their primary issue while a similar percentage feel strongly that a lack of respect and recognition is the biggest problem they face in the workplace.”