The Irish trade union movement has welcomed the forming of a new Greek government led by the leftwing Syriza party, following elections on Sunday, 25th January. In particular the Syriza commitment to forcing Euro area Governments to participate in a conference to write-down unsustainable debt has been strongly supported by Irish unions.SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor, said: “We emphatically support Syriza’s call for a debt conference and their imaginative solution which would release hundreds of billions of euro to the task of rebuilding Europe, offering hope in place of despair.”Syriza has stated that it wishes to see the proposed conference resemble the 1953 meeting which wrote off half of post-war Germany’s debt.Congress President, John Douglas, stated his support for Syriza prior to the election stating: “Syriza will also challenge the corruption which has been a blight on Greek society, much as it has on our own, by tackling those at the top who fix the system in their favour.”Sinn Féin and other leftwing parties have also welcomed the election of the Syriza led government that will also include members of a smaller conservative party, the Independent Greeks.   SIPTU President welcomes Syriza victory in Greek election